KMR Livestock Europe founded by Mehmet Ali KUMRU and Tarık KUMRU in Tallinn at 2010.

Mehmet Ali Kumru is Veterinary and he is the owner of Kumrular Food Ltd. which was established in Ankara / Turkey in 1998 .

As Kumrular, hundreds of breeding livestock projects have been carried out both through import and domestic supply of the breeding animal needs of public and private sector since its foundation.  Kumrular Food Ltd. is leading livestock business, Livestock Identification Systems, in Turkey and many countries .

Mehmet Ali Kumru has 3 son and the both companies are controlling by him and his sons .

Tarık Kumru is his youngest son who has 15 years experience with cattle trade , farming and export organizations in Estonia and other Eu countries .

Other 2 sons Ahmet Kumru and Hakan Kumru managing Kumrular company at Turkey .

At the moment in both companies total more than 20 people working .

During the establishing Kmr Livestock company our family main goal was making our trades with different countries , learning new markets and starting import and export with different countries,

in same time investing breeding farms , export centers and livestock spedition .

With this idea since we established at 2010 we done more than 50.000 high quality live cattle export to different destinations for breeding , fattening and slaughtering .

In same time we established great cooperation with hundreds of breeding farms and tens of breeding organizations or traders in different countries .

We´d be pleased to welcome you as our new business partner.